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Decorating an Outdoor Cat Enclosure - Making It Cat Friendly

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Decorating an Outdoor Cat Enclosure – Making it Cat Friendly

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Once you have purchased or constructed an outdoor cat enclosure for your cat, the next step is to make the interior friendly and an enjoyable place for your cat. While some cat owners go to extreme lengths to make the enclosures as nice as possible by installing mood lighting, piped music and fountains of running water you can make a cat enclosure as enjoyable as possible with next to little or no cost.  The following are some ideas and useful additions you can make to an outdoor cat enclosure to make it just that little bit more enjoyable for your cat.

One addition that owners like to add to their outdoor cat enclosures is cushions. Adding a cushion not only makes the enclosure look more comfortable and cosy.  Having an array of cushions also gives the cat an area for it to snuggle up and rest. Cushions are a cheap and easy addition that can be made to any enclosure.

Cat Items
When decorating a cat enclosure ask yourself the question “if I were a cat what would I like to play with?” and the ideas will come flowing in. For example we know that most cats like to play with a ball of wool. By adding a simple item like this for example hanging down from a cat scratcher you will make the outdoor cat enclosure a lot more appealing and fun for your cat.

Climbing Spots
Many cats enjoy the freedom of running, jumping and more importantly climbing. To make a cat enclosure more exciting and adventurous for a cat having a place to climb up onto is an excellent idea. This can be done by installing thick tree limbs (to make it look as natural as possible) or by creating man made steps or stairs from bits of wood or other related materials.

Scratching Post
The last item which would make a cat enclosure more enjoyable is a scratching post. Most cats like to keep their claws sharp and clean and this is usually done by scratching them on a surface they can dig into.  This can be simply done by wrapping a piece of old carpet around a square piece of wood.  Another method you can use is to find a tree branch and cut it to the required size and position it in the corner of the enclosure.


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